C Major Arpeggios

Arpeggios consist of the same notes as chords, but we play them up and down the keyboard note-by-note. Even so, arpeggios can still be viewed as positions that repeat as you travel up and down the piano.

C Major Arpeggios Position Charts

Each arpeggio consists of one hand position that is repeated. When you get to the top note (right hand) or bottom note (left hand), you play your 5th finger on the root of the arpeggio (shown in green) which is not part of the repeated pattern.

C major arpeggio with the right hand:

C major arpeggio with the left hand:

The C major arpeggio on the staff, with fingerings:

Practice Tips

  1. Practice “blocking” arpeggios by playing the repeated position as solid chords. Once you have a clear picture of the pattern in your mind’s eye, break up the arpeggio and play note-by-note.
  2. Lead with your elbows and lean/tilt in the direction you are playing. Arpeggios must be played using your whole body in order to feel natural and comfortable.